Hate Campaign (Nuclear Blast)
Enslain Magazine Issue #7
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After listening to this record, I find myself very disappointed that I'm unfamiliar with their past contributions. These songs caught me immediately! They still have the typical "Gothenburg" sound, but execute it in a less than typical way. The guitars are so much more toned-down, and the overall sound is very, very bassy, and dark, but it manages to retain a lively vibe. The guitarwork is excellent, as are the contributions of all these musicians. For those familiar with their previous releases, you'll definitely hear that this is the same band, and certain riffs will take you back to their "Pieces" days, but in addition to their trademark crunchy guitar sound, you'll hear a lot more melodious passages herein. This works really nicely for their sound, and proves their ability to continue to grow with the scene. -- Lady Enslain