Dimmu Borgir

Spiritual Black Dimensions (Nuclear Blast)
Enslain Magazine Issue #6
Order Issue #6!  This review included. This, Dimmu Borgir's 6th release, had me hooked from the first, brief listen. "Spiritual Black Dimensions" is an example of Black Metal at it's finest. It incorporates all the elements of Black Metal and surpasses them. The songs are arranged with tons of incredible riffs in each song, ranging from unyielding death to atmospheric beauty. Keyboardist Mustis is really to be commended on this release, with so many keyboard parts I only wish I could write! The vocals range from a growl/screech to understandable sung parts, proving that just because they are heavy, doesn't mean they have to compromise vocal clarity. With all that I have written, many may see this release as being "too commercial." If that phrase translates to "too enjoyable and groundbreakingly beautesque," then I couldn't agree more. If you're stuck in a world where everything has to be raw, talentless and far too easy to write, then you may not like this album. To anyone else, "Spiritual Black Dimensions" has my seal of approval -- Lady Enslain