Lowest Common Denominator
Collapse Into Despair

Lowest Common Denominator (Century Media) Enslain Magazine Issue #8
I would almost label this some sort of noise-grind hardcore metal, but that still falls short. There's something going on past the abrasive low-end sludge, and if you listen close enough, you can hear it also, but I don't know that too many individuals would be willing to do this. These compositions are all over the place, along with standard toilet-flush vocals. Primarily distorted grinds and mid-tempo hardcore beats abound, with some clean-tone jazz-core sections. This material is not as technical as it is plain out chaotic and multidirectional. Kill off some of the low end, and one would have a release that would appeal to more than just the noise-grind fans. If you are looking to get into this genre, this is an excellent primer, as it does pose just enough distinction to attract a daring listener. -- Richard

Collapse Into Despair (Century Media)
Enslain Magazine Issue #6
Order Issue #6!  This review included. I wouldn't consider the title of this debut release to be as appropriate as it could be. "Collapse Into Psychosis" would be more like it! With frantic riffs and drums, strong deep growls and isolated bass throughout, Dichotic create an extreme, apocalyptic sound of pure insanity. The songs take no definite form, and blend with a lot of noise, making for a highly unlistenable experience for those in need of a hook. For others, the mixture of their relentless sound with good production and energy will make this worth your while. -- Lady Enslain