They Came Over the High Pass (Necropolis)
Enslain Magazine Issue #7
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It took a while to sink in, but I came to realize that Defender play heavy metal the way it was created to be, not the way it has evolved into. Not in many years have I heard anything so reminiscent to Iron Maiden in style, and done with almost as much depth, instead of the overproduced soundalikes you hear now. The guitar sounds and harmonies are so classic, so well thought out, that you'll find them ringing though your mind well after listening. Defender is a solo project, from the mind of Philip Von Segebaden from Afflicted, but you'd never guess by hearing it that one could come up with such complete songs on his own. The session vocals are handled by Michael van de Graaf, also of Afflicted fame, who adds nicely to the music with his clean, yet not so power metal, rough-edged vocals. This album brings much hope for the return of classic heavy metal. -- Lady Enslain