Praying Hoping Nothing (Inzane Records) Enslain Magazine Issue #8
This fuckin’ rules. This also happens to be great drinking music made possible by these fellas that are from Nevada, of all places. I don't hear of much coming out of that state other than the best band that ever existed, which was Righteous Pigs of course. This release is courtesy of Inzane Records which is run by Matt Zane, who also happens to own the most entertaining porn film company I've ever seen videos by. OK, enough of the association game... down to the reason I tried to get home early tonight. This awesome band falls somewhere in the hardcore/grind drop-zone of extreme music. For the most part, this disc is either plowing ahead with driving, danceable rhythms or blasting away with more than enough conviction. The absolute crowning achievement of this release is the slide riffs!!! I wish they did more ‘cause the guitarists obviously know what is up with the greatest riffing style ever invented. Also impressive are the use of dissonant chords here and there, which I adore. The extremely convincing vocals go back and forth from Jap screams to gruff hardcore yells. There is also a spoken passage in the 5th track which was a nice change of pace. Catchy, heavy as fuck sections are littered all over this gem. I've had the pleasure of hearing their recent demo and trust me, these guys are gonna blow up soon with the right backing. Please put this periodical down and hunt down this disc immediately. -- Garett