Dead Silent Slumber

Entombed in the Midnight Hour (Hammerheart)
Enslain Magazine Issue #7
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Could a solo project possibly fall into the ranks of the best CDs I've heard all year? Amazingly, Jens Ryden has vanquished the limitations associated with solo albums. It took no more than one listen to fall in love with the intensely crafted melodies found throughout the seven songs on "Entombed in the Midnight Hour." Jens, vocalist extroardinaire of Sweden's Naglfar, had far too many brilliant riffs and sounds to experiment with, and so controls the creative input for Dead Silent Slumber. Comparing to Naglfar, you can expect a much richer sound, more melodic and with the incorporation of keyboards. The song writing is just astounding... The riffs are highly catchy, the use of drum machine is almost unnoticeable, and the vocals are layered to create devilish and enchanting sounds. There is a lot of trancy experimental sounds throughout the album, which makes for a more involving listening experience. I could listen to the opening track "In the Glare of the Moon" continuously for years upon years, and the title track, an acoustic, haunting piece with sharp female vocals is truly amazing as well. Beyond the intensity of the music, the cover artwork and layout for the album is also taken care of by Jens! This album in its entirety never ceases to amaze me, and I'm sure anyone else with an ear for ingenuity will agree. -- Lady Enslain