Sardonic Wrath
(Moonfog Productions)
Enslain Magazine Volume 2, Issue 1
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There seem to be many opinions on what black metal is, was, or should be. The legendary Black Metal tag-team of Noctorno Culto (Guitar, Bass, vocals) and Fenriz (Drums) define those terms on "Sardonic Wrath." The feel is very old-school here; nothing is over the top. The songs have some memorable hooks, and the arrangements are basic but highly effective. There are no female vocals, no synths, just straight forward grooves that kick ass! The production is somehow polished and raw at the same time.

The lyrics (all written by Fenriz, with two songs written in Norwegian) are different than what is the norm in black metal. Instead of overt blasphemy, he delves into more introspective and political areas, written from a dark perspective, ofcourse. A perfect example of this occurs after the "Order of the Dominions" intro track, on "Information Wants To Be Syndicated." Noctorno Culto's vocals are raspy and high-ended, but not too much so. Their tones still have presence, and complement the guitar sound perfectly

The riffing goes into blast beats at times, with the 6/8 meter feel to it, but most often the riffing is more punk based, with that slightly up-tempo aggression. In addition to this, there also many slower, doomy passages. The mix of these 3 modes is where Dark Throne display their musical sensibilities. As a seminal influence in the genre, they bring it back to its roots, and in doing so, assert themselves at the top of their game. The result is a highly listenable disc, done without any compromises. --