Rusted Angel (WAR/Relapse) Enslain Magazine Issue #8
When I first heard of Darkane’s release, I was excited to hear that Relapse was offering us something a little out of their typical audience. Swedish melodic death metal. Why Relapse ever started to carry WAR releases, I’ll never understand. And when I first started listening, I was impressed. This is exactly what I wanted to hear. Then. The vocals kicked in. I was left to question… ‘What were they thinking?’ I then saw how Relapse could have the slightest interest in this band, as this vocalist could’ve been singing for any of their bands and would’ve sounded in place. So I’m totally digging the melodic beats, and then here’s this element that just kills it. I felt unfulfilled, seeing as how there was this excellent melodic death metal, and I couldn’t appreciate it. So I kept listening. It didn’t take long before I grew attached, and it was something I’d not have guessed would happen. This wasn’t exactly what I wanted to hear, and that’s among the things that drew me towards it. It was a different mixture of metal elements, and together they formed a sound that was unique, making this a CD that I’d grab at times when I didn’t want to hear the usual. After getting used to the CD, I found it to be a wonder that this hadn’t been done before, as it started to sound so natural. And the vocalist’s voice was so wide-ranged… he could do the clean vocals, the yelling, and each occurred at the perfect time. And the music, this is of course the best part. They have the dynamics down, ranging from slow and power-storing, to fast and energy-releasing. You could let this one slide, like I almost did… But it would be more fulfilling not to. -- Lady Enslain