Odd Fellows Rest

Equilibrium (Spitfire Records) Enslain Magazine Issue #8
What is this world coming to? An "upbeat" Crowbar?? Not exactly, but the lyrics have become even more focused on exhuding the message of the individual's ability to overcome the negative aspects of life. Musically, we have even further progression than displayed on their previous outing, "Odd Fellows Rest." It's still slow and brooding, but with more memorable riffs and vocal lines. In general, this is still the same Crowbar, yet with better songs and musicianship. This is a development that has come a long way in 7 years, and it seems there's nowhere to go but up. An absolute must-have for all Crowbar fans. If you're not a fan, you very well might be after hearing this.-- Richard

Odd Fellows Rest (Mayhem/Fierce)
Enslain Magazine Issue #5
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Music has always possessed a cathartic value. In this latest effort, that fact is clearly defined. This is the fourth installment of the continuing chronicle of bitterness, rejection, agony and angst, as told by the gentleman collectively known as Crowbar. This work is a mirror to the world, that it may see its horrid chasms of despair. However, as nihilistic as the lyrics may seem at first, there is always the underlying theme of transcendence through reliance on the self. The music is precisely designed to evoke moods as suggested by lyrical content. In hearing the songs, one is transported to a realm where one vicariously experiences the depths of human misery. They have progressed considerably since the first album, yet this is a slow process, much like the slow demise of an existence cast in a play of trauma, with an indifferent world as a stage setting. If you haven't heard Crowbar before, this is the album to get, beyond question. To the average listener, it may sound as pleasant as a cyanide pill. This matters not. This band tells it like it is. -- Richard