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The Fragile Art of Existence (Nuclear Blast)
Enslain Magazine Issue #7
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What a true pleasure it is when one gets to hear heavy metal played as a true art form. This is one of those flawless albums that you can tell had much thought put into it before the final product was laid down. Metal master Chuck Schuldiner has put out one hell of an album here. The best way one could hope to describe this piece of work would be to say that it's an elegant mix of recent Death and Nevermore. It's a superbly played piece of Metal with many prog hints thrown in for good measure. Standout tracks include “Breaking the Broken,” “Expect the Unexpected,” and the fantastic “When the Link Becomes Missing.” Tim Aymar from Psycho Scream has a voice that blends in perfectly with this form of Metal. Bass genius Steve DiGiorgio is on here with Chuck again and he does a magnificent job as usual on the four-stringed instrument. Then come the leads. Shit, prepare yourself for some excellent guitar god gymnastics on here. One would have never thought it possible when hearing the hellishly brutal yet much less technical “Scream Bloody Gore” 12 years ago. Chuck, you have come a long way, and the Metal world is a better place because of your contributions. Hail to you! -- Morbid Mario