(Escape Artist Records)
Enslain Magazine Volume 2, Issue 1
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Collapsar play what I can best describe as instrumental, progressive hardcore. Their sound is reminicent of Canderia and The Dillinger Escape Plan, but a bit more toned down dynamically. The only instruments on this record are guitar, drums, and synth. It is surprising that there is no bass guitar, but the music seems to do fine without one. The fact that this was recorded live (no audience, but I would imagine this means that no overdubbs were used), is impressive, especially considering that Collapsar is a trio.

The music has the accents of the hardcore style during most passages, but also has a progressive edge, since the rhythyms are heavily syncopated. When the music slows down, it is often with clean tone guitars and soft synth-sounds, with a spaced-out, trippy jazz vibe. The changes are not too drastic, but overall , the riffing is near impossible to predict at times, and there is no chance for the listener to latch onto anything repetitive for very long. The concept here is all about painting general moods of discord, repose, inquiry, and contemplation of the absurd, in a soundscape of tones that drift or zoom past, in patterns that are as chaotic as the universe itself. This record is not an easy listen, but one can get used to it. Recommened for fans of music that pushes the listener into new states of conception and awareness. --