Sorrowburn (Diehard)
Enslain Magazine Issue #5
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This release from Finnish 5-piece Charon, presents an entirely original sound, without any two songs sounding too similar to the others. It starts with an acoustic piece, "Burndown," with strong effective vocals. The next song, "Wortex," is heavy and melodic, and very catchy. Then there is "Serenity" which is an atmospheric and slow song with at strong chorus. The singer has an excellent clean voice and the occasional female vocal backing adds to the solemn atmosphere of a few songs. The guitars have a good mix of clean and distorted parts, and deliver many ingenious harmonies. Charon's sound is unmatched, and I recommend "Sorrowburn" to fans of thrash, melodic, and atmospheric metal, as well as anyone looking for a fresh sound. You will certainly find it here. -- Lady Enslain