In Memoriam (The Music Cartel) Enslain Magazine Issue #8
I'm generally good with visualizations of scenarios, yet I can't seem to imagine Cathedral in a live setting. More than that, I can't imagine the crowd, at all! It's too slow to bang your head to, even occasionally, which would leave two possibilities. The audience could sink into some sort of dark coma, mesmerized by the melancholy that audially surrounds them, or they could look toward the stage and watch the musicians. But there isn't much to watch, really, considering the ease at which they could surely play these songs. There'd be very little movement in the entire venue, as I see it. And yet, I find myself envying the situation, to share this sense of death and hopelessness in a dark, loud setting among others who'd share the same sense of impending doom. Aside from a few early studio tracks at the beginning of this CD, this memorial to the original Cathedral line-up is a taped representation of their live presence, and while helping give a better idea of a Cathedral performance, for at-home listening, greater production is a necessity. Instead, "In Memoriam" serves as more of a history lesson. -- Lady Enslain