Dogface (Diehard)
Enslain Magazine Issue #5
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Swedish metalmen Captor do not follow the death metal sound that Sweden is well known for. They seem to have more of an American sound to them, not like the newer invasion of Korn sounding bands, but more like a mix between old Sepultura and Pantera. To move over from comparisons to descriptions, their sound is a tightly woven mixture of crunchy guitars with no solos, distorted audible yells, and simple but good drumming. Though a lot of the songs seem to blend together a bit, there are some that stand out as different from the rest, even different from anything out there. Songs that stood out in my mind were "Lakafak," "Disconnect," and "All My Pain." "Dogface" would easily be enjoyed by fans of 90's metal and perhaps 80's thrash. Try it out! -- Lady Enslain