Cannibal Corpse

Blood Thirst (Metal Blade)
Enslain Magazine Issue #7
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Once again, Cannibal Corpse has further established death metal as the epitome of brutal art. Upon being exposed to the initial onslaught of "Blood Thirst," one may assume this release was tentatively titled "Gallery of Suicide Part II," due to the near identical timbre and production of their previous outing in comparison. Notwithstanding this, all the intensity one would expect is well exhibited here. This effort does contain some new riffing concepts, employed through various tempo shifts. In other words, the arrangements are frantic and multi-directional; easily their most technical material thus far. Lyrical content is as disturbed as ever. Cannibal have indeed outdone themselves: absolute sickness and mayhem with clarity and distinction. And yes, the neighbors will hate this one twice as much as the last! -- Richard