Process of Self Development (MIA Records)
Enslain Magazine Issue #7
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Very abrasive. Characterized by primary hardcore elements, with plenty of syncopated odd-meter groove, that occasionally breaks down into jazz sections. Track eight, "Matter, Antimatter," one would swear is a standard jazz chart. "Method of Expression" is a low-key vamp, using rap vocals. For the most part, this CD is a hard listen. This is merely reflective of its originality and depth. As stated in the liner notes, this record contains no triggers or sampling; it's as real as it gets. Considering the complexity of the tracks, this is no small feat. The lyrics deal with dark elements of the psyche, and the state of the world viewed through sober and wary eyes. Even the music itself is introspective and thought provoking, conducive to the CD's title. What the songs may lack in "catchiness," which is a largely superficial concept where art is concerned, they make up for in their abstract composition, forcing the listener to think. Not for the complacent and closed-minded. -- Richard