Assaulting the Divine
(Dynamic Arts Records)
Enslain Magazine Volume 2, Issue 1
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From Finnish label Dynamic Arts comes this black metal release from within their homeland. The sound is as dark as Winter in Lapland, with a slight hint of sinister. The speed is slow-to-moderate for black metal, with little opportunity for blast-beats, and the guitars instead take their time creating a more ominous, dismal vibe. The production is right about where it should be for such a release, with the sound of the drums and cymbals seeming to cut right through some of the guitarwork giving it a chopped up and raw sort of feel, while still being clean enough to appreciate. The "vocal manifestations of hatred" are often layered, mixing a low growl with mid-ranged harsh yelling.

Calvarium can at times be compared with fellow Suomi-natives Ajattara, though much more hateful and Satanic. The arrangements of the opening track "Wrathpainted Hammer Upon Their Weakening", are very easy to follow, with repetitive riffings throughout the song, only changing during the almost-melodic lines of the chorus. The remaining three songs on this 20-minute EP are a little blacker and less defined, though still memorable after a few extra listens. They are at their best when the dark repetition of the rhythm guitar is combined with the more shrill and grim leads. Though not especially technical or complex in nature, Calvarium represent themselves well on this mini-follow-up to their 2004 debut "The Skull of Golgotha", developing a sound that is at once inviting and foreboding. --
Lady Enslain