Bruce Dickinson

Chemical Wedding (CMC Records)
Enslain Magazine Issue #5
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Here we have the latest brilliant release from Bruce Dickinson, who I'm certain you all remember from Iron Maiden (R.I.P.). His partners in crime are the same as last time around, on Accident of Birth-another excellent effort-including ex-Maiden axe-slinger Adrian Smith. The sound is leagues heavier and more though out than before. This is a continuation of the genius displayed on Accident of Birth, while not sounding like an exact copy of that album. As said before, the songs are heavier, and the guitar tunings have gotten even lower. Despite this, their tones retain clarity, so it still can be easily heard. The dynamics are well arranged, with songs of varying tempo and feel, as this is conducive to a balanced listening experience, as Chemical Wedding certainly is. The stresses of time have done very little, if anything at all, to diminish the quality of Bruce's vocal stylings, as he still belts out melodies that have a range exceeding that of anyone in the genre of heavy music. This album also has a very British feel to it, as it features cover art and spoken word poetry written by William Blake. If it can be said that heavy music is on a sort of revival, then we shall certainly see Bruce Dickinson and company on the front lines of battle, featuring original, un-contrived music, that acknowledges its past, whilst plotting ahead to conquer new musical territory, and in this respect, capturing the truest essence of art itself. -- Richard