Ravenous Consumption
(Unmatched Brutality Records)
Enslain Magazine Volume 2, Issue 1
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Brutal death metal with a great deal of rhythmic changes and harmonic ambguity. These songs are totally vague and abstract in form. The seeming lack of direction, while it normally shouldnt "work" , actually works incredibly well here. It's anything but predictible. Moshing to this would be a feat, since the vibes change on a moment's notice. There is very little repetition. The actual numer of different riffs on this record, if counted, would be staggering.

The vocals are very deep and almost hit the "toliet-flush" range, but without the hints of echo. Tonally, the album has the perfect brutal sound. They are ominous with a lot of depth. This recording has no hooks, memorable choruses, or solid grooves. I find myself getting slightly annoyed with this, not because I can't get into it , but because there is so much to absorb and get taken in by. My attempts to establish relationships in my head between the riffs in the music ultimately fail, which is probably the result this band had in mind. There are 9 tracks, at only 36 minutes total, but listening to this all the way through sounds like an hour and a half. People will either love or hate this. --