Black Witchery

Upheaval of Satanic Might
(Osmose Productions)
Enslain Magazine Volume 2, Issue 1
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Right out of the gate, this record is full-force blast beats and speedy guitar/bass riffs, on virtually every song except the first and last. It's black metal, but it's a bit different. Instead of a scratchy raw tone, the guitars have more mid range boom, that is a bit raspy, with a low sort of growl, as if part of the sound is recorded from having the back end of the guitar amps miked. On the percussion end, the snare and hi-hat cymbals overpower the bass drums.

The riffing here is very minimalistic. Each song has an essential riff, repeated many times, with only a small number of variations creating an uni-dimensional aural vortex. While all of the songs are fast, some of them go beyond the average speed of black metal, almost into grindcore territory. The vocals are low and caustic, and it seems no other timbre would suit these particular songs better. The overall sound of the album is massive wall of all-out mayhem.

It really has to be listened to a few times to get it. You don't find yourself humming or tapping out these songs; this is more of an experience of zoning out, and getting caught in a steady wave of black metal fury. This CD is probably not for everyone. Only for those who like the most extreme! --