Black Circle Crusades (Darque Records)
Enslain Magazine Issue #7
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Blackstorm is a musical representation of all that is dark! From the stormy samplings and ancient soundscapes to the deep, slowed down echoed voice-overs and female spoken passages, Blackstorm covers every existent element of darkness as well as creating its own. The core of the music is soft pianic pieces layered with dark symphonic keyboards. I think that, though the music gets it's dismal feel across nonetheless, better equipment could allow for a rawer feel that would work better with the sound. "Black Circle Crusades" is one of those releases that is crucial to play at the blackest phase of night, with candles lit and the wind blowing through open windows, making for an elevated funereal experience. I will be looking very forward to hearing Blackstorm's upcoming release, as they show much promise for growth in a scene that's void of feeling. -- Lady Enslain