Black Label Society

Stronger Than Death (Spitfire) Enslain Magazine Issue #8
"Stronger Than Death," the second release by the band fronted by ex-Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Zakk Wylde, sees the band taking their music to the next level, this album being much heavier and louder than the bands first release, "Sonic Brew." Fans of Zakk's work with Ozzy will definitely love the hard-hitting guitar riffs and the mind-numbing solos, but there is also music for those that liked Zakk's other two projects ("Pride & Glory" and his solo album, "Book Of Shadows") before starting Black Label Society. There is not one song on this album that does not grab your attention. Whether it be the heaviness of "13 Years of Grief" and "Superterrorizer" or the slower and eerier sounds of "Rust" and "Just Killing Time," there is something for everyone. "Stronger Than Death" features the first single, "Counterfeit God," which is set to be on the soundtrack to the upcoming movie "Metal Gods," in which Zakk Wylde is also one of the film's cast members. So if you are looking for an album that you can't take your ears off of from start to finish, this would be a definite album to put on your must have list. -- Bill Schneider