New World Disorder (Mercury)
Enslain Magazine Issue #6
Order Issue #6!  This review included. "New World Disorder" is Biohazard's first studio release since 1996's "Mata Leao" and the first album to show what "new" guitarist Rob Echeverria has brought to the band. With the mix of bassist/vocalist Evan Seinfeld's deep vocals and guitarist/vocalist Billy Graziadei's scream going through some of Biohazard's deepest lyrics yet, backed by the talented percussion of drummer Danny Schuler and lead guitar laid down by Echeverria, Biohazard has put out one of their greatest albums to date. Songs cover lyrical topics from inner-strength, such as "Resist" and "Breakdown," to songs about lying and back-stabbing in tracks "All For None", "Camouflage" & "Skin". The two songs that stand out the most on NWD, are the slower, more dramatic songs, "End Of My Rope" & "Cycle of Abuse." This album goes back to the sounds of older releases such as "Urban Discipline," but also touches on areas Biohazard have never been before. The album is definitely worth pickin' up. If you're a newcomer to their sound you will be amazed at what they have put together with NWD. If you're a fan of Biohazard's older albums, you will not be disappointed. -- Bill Schneider