Beneath the Massacre

Evidence of Inequity
(Galy Records)
Enslain Magazine Volume 2, Issue 1
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Headlines! Canadian death metal band goes totally apeshit on record! "Evidence of Inequity" is about as fast and technical as it gets. The production sound is clear, which always helps when the music is this intense. The riffing is bombastic barrages of single and multi-note guitar patterns, with tapped and harmonized lead type passages all over the place. Imagine brutal death metal juxtaposed with Allan Holdsworth and Paganini on crystal meth.

The drums are tight and punchy; just right in the mix. The guitars have lots of tone, so you can hear the picking sounds, but not too much. Vocally, you have your standard low range growl-shouting. No toe-tappers here, but who needs 'em!

All the performances are right on the mark. The only drawback is that the songs do tend to sound alike, and the riffing seems interchangeable. Aside from that, this is still an all-out extreme death metal blitz! It's rhythms range from primal mosh parts, to hyper-fast blurs. Melodically, the music fluctuates from atonal abstract motifs, to more diatonic, almost classical sounding parts, especially in the tapping and lead riffs. Totally wicked and fast as hell, Beneath the Massacre "own", as the kids say these days. A must for brutal death fans. --