The Power Cosmic (Nuclear Blast)
Enslain Magazine Issue #7
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Hail to England! This British militia has put forth a well-rounded attack of invigorating miniature symphonies in the "Barbarian" idiom. Unlike the majority of metal acts, the keyboard is the primary aspect of Bal-Sagoth. This in no way diminishes the brutal guitars or the precision bass and drum work. The vocals serve as a narrative of sorts, while the keyboards handle most of the main melodic themes, upon which the guitars embellish and also counterpoint. One could consider this a concept album, with the sense of a story being told from start to finish (similar to Voivod's "Dimension Hatross.") The riffing displays a satisfactory balance of straightforward power chords and single lines. This effort should do well to appease advocates of both multi-textured metal, and less garnished, more straightforward style. -- Richard