Balance of Power

Book of Secrets & Ten More Tales of Grand Illusion (Nightmare Records)
Enslain Magazine Issue #7
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Something is just so fundamentally admirable about Balance of Power. Though I don't seek out this type of sound, I haven't heard anything at all like this in about a decade! Powerful, heavy, progressive, and balladesque, these songs are so reminiscent of the hard rock/metal that was dominant in the late eighties, and even though I didn't like the sound even back then, something about the way they present it makes it oddly inviting! Lance King's vocals are so pure, strong, and capable of many pitches. The mix between the progressive guitars and the symphonic keyboards forms the basis of the music, and it's done so well that the songs remain fresh in the mind. Balance of Power should be looked up to as the standard when attempting to play or listen to this style of music, because if they have even me impressed, then fans of the genre will be blown away! -- Lady Enslain