Babylon Whores

King Fear (Necropolis)
Enslain Magazine Issue #7
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This is different... and very unlike what you'd come to expect from Necropolis. But this is good, not only that Necropolis is beginning to expand as a company, and not limit themselves to a specific sub-genre, but also that we're given the opportunity to be exposed to something fresh and unique, and that we're given a break from the constant pummeling of the rawer forms of metal. So what is this unique sound? Well, one could refer to it as "death rock", with a rather British feel to it, in an unexplainable way, perhaps vocally; even though they hail from Finnish grounds. Why rock? I think this is contributed mostly by the vocals, being sung in a slow, stoner sort of way, yet much more enjoyably. The music is also a bit more on the slow, deep side. And why death? The crunchy guitarwork is darker and deadlier than the confines of rock, so failing to give them credit for this would keep potential fans from understanding the depth behind this release. And the lyrical content is morbidly bitter as well as compelling and well thought out. "King Fear" has a value above that of a generic death metal release in that this is something you'll be unaccustomed to hearing, and each of these songs has a certain catchability that's unavoidable. -- Lady Enslain