Loss of Our Final Pride (Raven Music)
Enslain Magazine Issue #7
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Israel is a country often neglected when it comes to metal. I'm sure within their scene there are more than a few decent acts that lack proper promotions. Aztec is an example of an Israeli band that's well worthy of worldwide attention. They sculpt a blend of melodic death/black metal that is unique to the ear, and each of the tracks here have a memorable sound that is not confusable with the others. Some are darker, some are more technical and feature simple effective guitar solos, and some are very doomy. The songs seem to carry on a lead/rhythm trend, which isn't as common as it used to be, and works well for their sound. Keyboards are present on a few tracks and add a nice touch to the already very musical sounds. "Wolf's Dirge" is a wonderful atmospheric hymn, very soothing yet very gloomy. Aztec have no problem establishing individuality within a scene full of clones. -- Lady Enslain