Carnival Diablos (Metal-Is) Enslain Magazine Issue #8
Not exactly 1989's brilliant "Alice in Hell", but a decent effort nonetheless. Guitarist Jeff Waters shreds as if there is no tomorrow, which, in this writers opinion, is the highlight of the disc. The best tracks are "Denied," "Battered," "Epic of War," "Hunter Killer," (the last song on the CD, that when left to play a minute or so after it ends, reveals a hidden novelty tune called "Chicken & Corn"), and "Liquid Oval." The distorted guitars are clear and prominent, with just the right level of mid-range. The clean guitars are airy with sufficient delay and sustain. Their sound has changed a bit since 1989, but you can still tell where they came from; it retains several characteristics of their old sound. A worthy addition to one's collection. -- Rich