Ancient Ceremony

Fallen Angels Symphony (Cacophonous)
Enslain Magazine Issue #6
Order Issue #6!  This review included. From beginning to end, this CD is filled with some of the most inspired dark music I've ever heard. Ancient Ceremony makes you feel the gloomy atmosphere of an ancient burial ground and of the evocations taking place there. This 8-piece has the capability to produce such technical darkness, due to the outstanding talent of each member. The keyboardist explores realms that are unexpected and beautiful, the drummer is exceptionally insightful, and the guitarists churn out some heavy riffs. The male vocalist fits the music well with a low death growl, but the "chantresses", one singing alto, and one soprano, sound misplaced. Their voices are much higher than the rest of the mix, and fall out of place. I feel the heavy darkness that Ancient Ceremony conveys is best left with male vocals. Otherwise, It's difficult not to fall into their grasp from first listen. -- Lady Enslain