Anal Cunt

It Just Gets Worse (Earache)
Enslain Magazine Issue #7
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The title says it all!! I got an extremely early promo cassette of this in Spring of '99, and was utterly amazed that this recording was made on an 8-track. Nonetheless, the sound quality is great and the music is as sick as ever (if not sicker.) I was, however, somewhat disappointed that some of the song titles had been changed and a few of the tracks had been completely omitted from the finalized CD. (If you knew the titles you'd understand why.) The music, as usual, crosses back and forth from blurry noise to hardcore. On the whole though, this disc shouldn't be passed up by any noizefreak or A.C. fan. Another brilliant release from the world's meanest noise band!! If you don't have this, you are gay!! -- Glenn Sykes