Amon Amarth
The Avenger
Once Sent From The Golden Hall

The Avenger (Metal Blade)
Enslain Magazine Issue #7
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VIKING METAL!!! Amon Amarth returneth with their second Metal Blade release, and as impossible as it would be to outdo "Once Sent From the Golden Hall," they have no doubt matched their efforts with yet another flawless release. The lyrics are of Oden and swords and dragons and war, and the music imitates that same aggression associated with these themes. The opening track, "Bleed for Ancient Gods," immediately attacks the senses, grabbing and holding your full attention throughout the CD. This album seems more melodic and catchy than their previous, and the vocals seem a bit more angry and are sung with more conviction. Every song holds its own, and there is no end to the amount of creative riffs in the minds of these Swedes. "Legend of a Banished Man," the seventh and last song, begins with a simple yet very enjoyable bass intro that leads into a powerful ending to one of 1999's most worthy releases. -- Lady Enslain

Once Sent From The Golden Hall (Metal Blade)
Enslain Magazine Issue #5
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This CD has been out for quite a while now, but it is well deserving of a review. On first listen, I could have sworn by musical sound that this was Hypocrisy. A justifiable thought, being that it was recorded at the Abyss Studios by Hypocrisy's own, Peter Tagtgren. Amon Amarth presents an atmospheric sound without the use of keyboards; the guitars and bass do it all on their own. The vocals are a good death metal growl, and the music as a whole is up-tempo melodic death. Though this isn't the most original sounding band, they are undeniably good. Favorite songs : "Ride for Vengeance", "The Dragon's Flight Across The Waves", and "Friends of the Suncross." I recommend that you read the lyrics to all of the songs. The words are elegantly pieced together, meaningful, and bring images to mind, enhanced by the backing music. -- Lady Enslain