Higher Art of Rebellion
Blacken The Angel

Higher Art of Rebellion (Nuclear Blast)
Enslain Magazine Issue #7
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If this is your first experience with Agathodaimon, I think you will find it to be impressive. It's dark and evil with a guitar sound that is highly unique for the black metal genre, almost rock-like but fitting. Symphonic keyboard passages are dominant through about half of this disk, mixing well with the upbeat music and dark growls. However, if you heard their previous release "Blacken the Angel," I think you'd be just as disappointed with this one as I first was. They seem to have abandoned their heavier melodic death/black sound and have gone to something a bit lighter and more experimental. This tears me between my love for their last release and the fact that without experimentation, there would be no progress within any music. With "Higher Art of Rebellion," Agathodaimon have dropped any comparisons that may have been strong previously, and for this unique sound they should be commended. Though I enjoy this new sound, I can't help but reflect on the magnificence of "Tristetea Vehementa" and other "Blacken the Angel" melodies that I frequently find surfacing in my mind after not listening for months. I'd recommend picking up their back catalog first, but don't be afraid to try this new release as you may be surprised. -- Lady Enslain

Blacken The Angel (Nuclear Blast)
Enslain Magazine Issue #5
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Another excellent band coming to us from Nuclear Blast. Agathodaimon presents us with a beautiful and intense release of melodic death metal, a bit of goth and black metal, and lots of feeling. As a 6-piece band, they are able to give such a broad range of sound, with a lot going on. It does not even sound too cluttered, which often happens with too many instruments. the harmonic guitars and large range of drum tempos make the songs very catchy and memorable. The keyboards are able to add the important ambient element, that brings the songs from great to incredible. I personally don't think the black metal vocals don't fit with them, but they aren't bad. My favorite tracks are "Tristeten Vehementa" and "Banner of Blasphemy." -- Lady Enslain