Shadows of Old (Hammerheart)
Enslain Magazine Issue #7
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Aeternus has received so huge an amount of hype between this release and their last, that when I first received this one, my first experience with Aeternus, my expectations were very high. The question is, did "Shadows of Old" live up to my anticipation? There's nothing bad or disappointing on here. In fact, there are some really high moments, as they seem to be really good at slowing the music down, and then when least expected, attacking with such force that it could wake you from eternal sleep! The sound quality is near perfection, the songs have good tone, a lot of presence, and the guitarwork is blazing. It's rare for a three-piece to accomplish such a full sound. It doesn't strike me as the most memorable music, but they do add enough dark melodies to the rough death/black metal to make you keep replaying the album until it sticks! So, yes, all the rumors were accurate, and Aeternus are definitely on their way up to legend status. -- Lady Enslain