Pure Blood Doom (Severe Music) Enslain Magazine Issue #8
How Repulse Records could let this band go, I can't imagine. Instead financed by their self-owned Severe Music, the tone and clarity of the production would suggest a higher label funded release. Above the quality of the production, artwork, and packaging, the musicianship and songwriting are what stand out as the most astounding. Finding strength as a three-piece, the crunchy, technical, pure death guitarwork full of seemingly manic progressions upon the fretboard, has a depth that doesn't get drowned by additional instrumentation, while being backed by a steady assault of drums and mid-ranged growling. Finland's metal diversity amazes me, but moreso the perfection of sound and structure their bands often seem to achieve. With riffs this chaotic and lethal, and still listenable, Adramelech represent their country only too well. -- Lady Enslain