Abused Majesty

Enslain Magazine Volume 2, Issue 1
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"Serpenthrone" is the label-debut of Poland's Abused Majesty. Their style is something of melodic black/death accompanied by - and not drowned by - keyboards. The melodic nature of the songs comes from the inspired riff arrangements which are immediately catchy while still being dark, harsh and speedy. In addition to some really good lead guitar work and occassional harmonies, you'll also find a well-written solo or two. The drumming often gives a more upbeat feel to the dark sound, while the keys do their job of subtly softening and expanding the range of sound.

A few of the members handle the vocal duties, ranging from a lower-ranged death growl to a screechy almost black metal voice, sometimes with heavy vocal distortion. The lyric sheet reads like a story and tell the tale of a King of Serpents, inspired by cronicles from the 'Tome of Ashes'. It's definitely a good read, and a break from the typical.

The first few tracks, especially the opener "A Dream of Sleeping Warriors", are most memorable. "Serpenthrone" is an excellent release from these relative newcomers, and it shows a lot of promise. It's melodic without being weak, symphonic without relying on the keys to create the whole sound, and it's fucking heavy without being overly extreme. Overall, it's a creative release that's easy to enjoy. --
Lady Enslain